5 Ways to Wear Fall Boots

Today we’re gonna style around some boots, it looks like ways to wear fall boots. I paired it with my oversized pink coat, which flows together so well. They look is both mod and sophisticated. My second pairing fits the day perfectly. They boots are very urban and clean in style. A girl can never have enough of black boots. I paired these boots with a cozy blue sweater and shorts. Shorts may sound a bit crazy for fall time, but if you layer it over tights and add a hat, it’s the perfect cozy outfit for brunch in the city.

The third look is the signature style for me. I have a love affair for over-the-knee boots and these are my everyday, on-the-go style. Over-the-knee boots add an instant, sleek style while maintaining extra warmth for the legs. For my jacket, I found the perfect outdoor poncho to keep me warm on the nippy, cold days. This fourth daring pair is a great way to add color and new heights into your style. People often go for neutrals when it comes to wearing boots, but if you want to be more experimental in your style than go for a pair of boots with a pop of color. (upbeat acoustic guitar music) Okay, so we’re on to the last outfit, and I wanted to ease into something more comfy and casual. I picked out these boots because of their cute practicality, especially for a nice hike out. I love hiking in the fall time. The air is crisp and if you walk the right time, you can catch a beautiful sunset.