50 Green Wedding Theme Ideas Using Tropical Leaves

50 Green Wedding Theme Using Tropical Leaves Ideas6

Hello girls, how are you today ? Are you ready for our next topic about preparing your wedding by using green themes for today. Next I’m going to talk about how to incorporate your escort card table into your green-themed wedding. One of my favorite ideas and favorite things to do for a green-themed wedding is this picture here is actually an egg crate here. This is an egg crate and they put some soil and some grass in there and what they did was they lined the grass with little like sticks from like a craft store or craft sticks and recyclable paper and then put the guest’s names on it that way, the guest’s names and tables on it that way. So it’s just a cute, like different way kind of sticking with your whole green-theme way for people to take and fine their way to their table. Also another idea to set up your escort card table would be doing a nice like bamboo tray here, putting some pebbles in here and getting some rocks and some stones and writing the guest’s names on them.

So this way the guests can take it to their table, know where they’re sitting, and then they can reuse these rocks, throw them in their garden, and you’re not using a lot of waste. Another idea is to use dried leaves and write their names on the dried leaves that way. This way you’re not using a lot of paper, a lot of waste. Another idea would be just using like a poster board or even a framed picture just having everyone’s names alphabetically ordered or listing your table numbers that way, just so you don’t have a lot of pieces of paper, it’s just that one sheet of paper you’re using, and you can always reuse that frame in your home.

So those are some ideas on how to set up an escort card table for your green-themed wedding..