Easy Hairstyle: Half Up Half Down

You looking for to easy hairstyle tutorial? in this article, we will give you a really quick and easy hair tutorial. Perfect for a special occasion, every day or if you’re running late.

This is how to get beautiful half up half down hairstyles.

So, you’re going to take a section of hair at the front of your head, and you’re going to divide this in half. Then you are going to bring the bottom strand over the top strand. Then, you’re going to repeat this again: Bring the bottom strand over the top strand. and we’re just going to repeat this the whole way down the braid until we run out of hair. and I’m just going to do this loosely because I’m going for a messy look. so again: Just bring the bottom strand over the top strand. Then when you get to the end, I’m going to go back and gently pull on my braid to make it nice and messy. Then I’m going to clip it at the back of my head, making sure to cross my clips to keep it secure. Now, I’m going to repeat his on the opposite side: Divide the hair in half. Cross the bottom section over the top section and we’re not twisting it or anything.

We’re just basically wrapping the hair loosely over each other. and again, I’m just going to go back and gently tug on it. and then I’m going to pin it at the back of my head. and I forgot to mention, my curls are just curls from yesterday. I brushed them out, and that’s why I have a bit of volume in my hair. and lastly I decided that I was going to pin up a little section, So I just looped a small section of hair around my fingers, and I pinned it in place, to try and hide the clips that were already there. and then I decided to do a little braid on either side of my head. I just pancaked it as I went as well, to make it nice and big, and that’s my finished style!