40 Super Sleek and Sexy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Hi, today I will tell you about a sleek and sexy look for your hair. You can do this look any way you want. You can wear a ponytail to the side, you can wear one in the back, you can wear it, you know to the other side. You can wear it up, on the top of your head or you can wear it in a nice little bun in the back. But the whole look of this is to look like you’ve pretty much just got out of the shower. Just nice and sleek and sexy. So you want to get your hair wet, I would suggest you put quite a bit amount of gel on your hair. That way as it dries, it will give it that wet look. Brush it all the way back, like so. Then you can get the comb and really go through that hair because you want it to look like it is really just glossy hair there. Keep on brushing it all the way back until it’s nice and no bumps or lumps in your hair.

Then you can just tie it in whatever kind of tie you want for the night. A little tighter on your hair. Like this. And then what I’m going to do is get a little bit of gel, I would get some strong holding gel. Put a little bit in your hand. Maybe get a little shine, any kind of shine you have at home, mix that together, rub it in your hands like so, and make it sleek. You want it all to be nice and went looking for the night. It will stay like this all night and you have a nice clean look. This is great when you’re going out for a dance or, somewhere, where you want to look just hot for the night, get that attention. And Reyna will get that attention. Here’s your sleek and sexy.