How To Organize Jewelry For Travel

I am preparing to go on a vacation and I’m planning on packing some jewelry. So I thought you might like to see how I pack jewelry for vacation.

First I lay out what I think I’m going to take and then I get out the little snack sized ziploc bags. I take each piece of jewelry and I put it in one if these ziploc bags and zip it up. They’re not banging around together, they’re all safely packed in their own little container.

I went to the hardware store and I found this little box for fishing tackle or screws or something and I put my earrings in it. When I’m ready to go, I close the box put a hair tie around it and that keeps it from spilling next I get these little suction cup hooks.

I arrive at my destination I stick them on the mirror where I am going to be getting dressed and I hang my jewelry. So that I can look at it.

I can easily figure out what I want to wear, I can remember what I have with me and then before I leave it’s obvious that it’s still there and I need to pack my jewelry also have to have my essentials.

I need my readers chapstick nifty little flashlights because you just never know when you’re going to be looking around in the dark I want to see what jewelry I need what if I drop one on the ground.

If the power goes out when it is time to go home, I take every bag take my little box. I take all my little essentials and I put it in the bag together in this bag. I can see through the bag and I look there and tell what is in the bag not staying over and I don’t want to hang the jewelry.

I’m going from place to place I can still see it inside the bag because the Front is clear and that’s how I do it never pack anything that’s valuable expensive sentimental. I just take things that are fun to give me a little change in my outfits for adventure.

Be sure if you travel with your jewelry that you keep it in your carry on so you know where it is.

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