How to Be Like Zandaya Style

Today, We are going to show you how to do a fluffy fishtail braid. Now I am a huge fan of ponytails in general because they’re great for all ages. They’re easy. They’re great on second- or third-day hair. And I just think they’re adorable. So we’re always looking for something to mix them up. So we’re going to show you a great one today. Let’s get started. Now, on Brooklyn’s hair today, we just teased the top of it and French braided it.

Tip your head down so they can see. Just French braided the top into the ponytail and then wrapped hair around the elastic. You can also do this with just a pompadour in the front or even everything just back-combed but kind of loose and soft. So whatever you want to lead into the ponytail is completely up to you. Once you get it to this point, we are just going to take the hair. Now we’re going to pick up our rat-tail comb, and we’re going to back comb a little bit, otherwise known as teasing. We’re just going to go and add a little bit of back comb in her hair. And I don’t find any trouble brushing this out when I’m done, with the ponytail the next day.

You just use your brush and work your ends, from the ends into the root. And it’s not a problem. We’re just going to go in here, and we’re just adding– all we’re doing is adding volume and fluffiness right through the top part of the ponytail just to give it some more volume and softness and a little something-something. Maybe just one more. Just mostly at the top part. The Underneath doesn’t matter as much. And you can go as big or as soft in the teasing as you want.

Just depends on how fluffy and full you want it. Now, you can see we have added all this volume to the top. But it’s looking a little ragged just because we backcombed. So I’m going to take my smoothing brush, and I’m just going to smooth the top. And this just very nicely combs the top layers down so that they’re nice and soft and smooth looking without taking out the teasing underneath, which is really important. When you’ve got that– so now, we’ve got our volume– you can even add some pomade if you want, at this point, or a little bit of hairspray just to hold that tightness.

But I am not worried about it. We’re good. We’re going to go down here, divide our hair in half. I’m going to give it a good 8 inches or so. It depends on how long your hair is. And then I’m going to just start fishtailing it. And this hairdo is super easy to do on yourself. I’ve been doing it on my own hair all week. My girls have done it. It’s really pretty easy. And we just don’t a basic fishtail right here. Now you’ll note that the fishtail is starting ways down the ponytail. And that’s exactly where we want it to land. And we’re going to fishtail. You guys know fishtails take just a few seconds. We’re not going to do too, too much, fortunately. So it won’t take forever.

Now, when I get towards the end, I’m just going to go ahead and secure it with an elastic that matches her hair. And then I want to loosen it up a little. This is kind of too tight-looking for me. So I’m just going to go pull the ends apart a little bit, just soften the whole thing up.

I don’t want it to look quite so structured. Then I’m going to go back up to the top. And I’m just going to pull. And this is just going to loosen up these top pieces again, add a little more fullness and volume. And that’s really fun. And here. Let’s do the final spin on the fluffy fishtail braid. I love it. Think you’re going to get lots of comments on it. Just something different, but it’s so cute.