Most Memorable Kate Moss Hairstyles

Whenever we think about Kate Moss, a couple of things immediately spring to mind: the wardrobe of dreams, confirmed design icon, effortlessly trendy makeup, and, needless to say, her touch boho tides that started a thousand catwalk hair styles. Thus, when we met up with her for the start of her new Rimmel Lips and Nails range, we needed to ask: How do you get your own hair that way? I do not blow dry it correctly. I smash it with a hairdryer, just tip my head down and go. It is on the upside down technique, Kate told us.

In addition, I want to leave it a little damp, twirl it around with my fingers and allow it to finish drying naturally.’. Allowed, Kate has obviously blessed with the type of hair feel that many people would live Cornflakes to get a month off to recreate, but we got to mention, she goes to waves are more affordable, simple and much more achievable than we anticipated. Having a career spanning years, Kate Moss has experimented with hairdos from elfin harvests to blunt fringes, via gorgeous curls and her everyday waves that were omnipresent – as well as a variety of distinct colors on the catwalk. See the most memorable here.