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Breitling navitimer watch: the dream of flying high at high altitude
Since its inception, Breitling has devoted a lot of energy to research and development in the field of chronograph watches. Today, its watch with timing function is different in aviation, mechanical timing, professional, superocean, Avenger, super marine culture and other series. The performance of the form, model A2432212 aviation world watch, with complex functions and good performance, share this Replica Watches Breitling navitimer A2432212/G571/756P/A20BA.1:
What kind of visual enjoyment is there for the 46mm diameter? This best swiss watches gives the answer. It looks like a retro style. The front is almost all the dial design, magnificent and spectacular so that a delicate watch can It offers an extraordinary experience and a chic feel for a man of great character.
The detailed data of this watch is:
Table diameter: 46 mm; case thickness: 15.5 mm; case material: steel, dial color, silver; dial shape: round; crystal material: sapphire crystal; strap color: brown; strap material crocodile skin; Buckle type: pin buckle; buckle material: steel; waterproof depth: 30 meters
Dial: The orange triangle pointer pointing to the 6 o'clock position marks the second time zone time, the blue 24-hour digital hour mark is the time display when it is off-site, and the dual time zone function provides precisely for the friends who walk between the two places. Time guarantee, three small concave small discs show 30 minutes, small seconds and 12 hours timing function, and the circular flying slider with bidirectional rotating bezel can realize the practical application of unit conversion and speed calculation. Features.
Side: Breitling's chronograph watches usually lack the concept of "thin" in the thickness of the case. The thickness of this watch is 15.5mm, but the overall shape is acceptable compared to the 46mm diameter.
Back: The large-shaped steel bottom cover does not have a back-to-back design. However, this method complements the function of the panel. The bottom is from the outside to the inside, clearly marking the names of the world's major cities and the corresponding time zones. The space on the back is just right.
Strap: The color of the pressure line and the texture of the leather strap reveal a nostalgic breath, the strap is thicker and the toughness is very good.
Summary: It is a veritable travel replica luxury watches. The dual time zone function is divided into the 24-hour display, which is convenient for reading. The precise timing function and the rare flight slider add a superb functional experience to this watch.

There is more to say about Breitling navitimer:
1. In the appearance, Breitling has clearly positioned it, giving it an elegant temperament, and the practical consideration is to strive for excellence, is a very cost-effective watch.
2, large-scale retro-style watches, due to the number and scale on the disk too much, it seems a bit messy.
3, diversified functions No matter which one is selected, it is very powerful, and it also has an amazing performance in functions that are not commonly used.
4, equipped with the Breitling 24 automatic winding movement, power reserve for at least 42 hours, can meet daily use.
5. Breitling is a famous star in the world's watchmaking brands, and it is a model of complex functional watches.
6. In addition to the complicated calculation function of the outer ring, the timing function and the dual time zone are all simplified.
New Navitimer using the 11th movement in 1969
In 1969, the automatic chronograph movement Calibre 11 developed by Breitling and TAG Heuer and Hamilton was introduced. Breitling's watch began to gradually install this kind of movement that can be regarded as self-produced. Previously, the basic movements of independent movements such as Valjoux 72, Valjoux 7736 and Venus 178 have been used. Based on the new movement, the Breitling NaviTimer watch removed a small dial and changed it to the date window and moved the crown to the left. This caused some controversy at the time. Soon after, Breitling returned to the Valjoux movement, using the 7736 modified 7740, adding some new elements while preserving the traditional design as much as possible. This new model serial number is also changed to 7806 to indicate the inheritance and replacement relationship with the traditional 806.
Breitling NaviTimer7806
In the 1990s, Breitling added two more sophisticated watches to the NaviTimer series, a NaviTimer World watch with a separate time indicator for the second time zone, and a NaviTimer1461 with an almanac function. 1461 comes from this The watch 1461 genius needs to be manually adjusted once. At this point, the NaviTimer series of "Four King Kong" is ready to support Breitling, one of the most influential pilot watch manufacturers. Breitling NaviTimer's two-time and annual calendar
In 2009, Breitling further developed a chronograph movement that can achieve full self-production, automatic winding, manual winding, and two-time function. The NaviTimer01 watch, which was transformed from the 806 series in the 1950s into a self-produced movement, uses the B01 movement. In recent years, NaviTimer has been released in various limited editions, such as the blue dial NaviTimer1461 released in 2013 and the Black Steel astronaut. Breitling NaviTimer Series MB0210B6/BC79/200S/M20DSA.2 Watch_Appearance
For more than sixty years of development, the NaviTimer series has evolved and evolved from appearance to the core. The only constant is the circular slide rule on the bezel. The calculation rule was invented soon after the Scottish mathematician John Napier first discovered the logarithmic calculation principle in the 17th century. The introduction of the logarithmic concept made the mathematical operations of many complex applications in astronomy, navigation, and engineering simple and stylized. The essence is to convert complex multiplication and division into logarithmic operations into addition and subtraction and can realize table lookup operations. The slide rule goes one step further and the calculation result can be read directly on it. Breitling creatively introduced a circular sliding slide ruler on the watch, and integrated many common calculations about flying, such as miles and kilometers, which made great convenience to the early pilots before the advent of portable computers. Although modern aircraft driving has already applied sophisticated electronic equipment on a large scale, pilots may no longer need to use too many manual calculations, but this ring rule can still bring a lot of delusions about flying freely at high altitude. The Breitling NaviTimer series, with its ring-shaped slide rule as its core design element, has also become the most influential flight concept watch. It is worthy of repeated fans and nostalgia for aviation fans.